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4 Bug Repellent Recipes You Can Make at Home

Updated: May 15

We know that bug sprays can be filled synthetic chemicals and pesticides to keep insects away. As a result, more people are using natural and eco-friendly methods, including homemade bug sprays, which are both simple and safe. These are a few of our favorite recipes to keep the bugs away this summer!

(All of these products can be found in the Pomegranate Market Supplements department)


- 7 drops citronella

- 5 drops lemon

- 5 drops eucalyptus

- 5 drops basil

- 3 drops garlic

- top with carrier oil almond to dilute the mixture

Ants and Flies

- 8 drops mint

- 6 drops basil

- 5 drops Spanish sage

- Dilute mixture with any carrier oil

Tiny gnats (such as No-See-Ums)

- 7 drops citronella

- 5 drops lemongrass

- 6 drops rose or geranium

- Dilute mixture with almond carrier oil.

Ticks and lice

- 10 drops avoid lemon eucalyptus

- 15 drops geranium

- Dilute coconut oil as carrier oil

It is important to dilute all of these mixtures with either coconut or almond oil carrier oils. By doing this, you reduce the chance of skin sensitivity from the essential oils.


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