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Local, Healthy Dairy

Farm Fresh, Dairy Selection

Pomegranate Market's dairy department offers a wide selection of great tasting and healthy natural, products with some of the best local eggs, milk, and cheese. 


As a customer, you can feel good about supporting South Dakota and the community we are all a part of. As parents, you can feel confident that the milk your children are drinking is of the best quality with no added hormones or antibiotics. 

From our wide selection of cheeses, butters, and creams to the best tasting yogurts, we have what you're looking for to supply your natural and organic needs. All dairy products are locally produced off the farm, including cheese, ice cream, butter and milk.

Dairy Free Products

Our "Dairy" section is allergy friendly. We have everything to suit your non-dairy and organic needs. We carry dairy free alternatives, like soy, nut based, coconut, and oat milk, butter, cheese, cream, and yogurt. 

Pomegranate Market’s lactose free and vegan dairy products make finding alternatives easy. Eliminating dairy foods from your diet has plenty of health benefits to improve quality of life. We support those who live a dairy free lifestyle for health or ethical reasons. Our superior non-dairy items give you plenty of options to choose from.

Our Organic Dairy Department

Feed your happy by taking care of your body with the healthiest dairy free alternatives and most natural dairy products at Pomegranate Market.


Pomegranate Market is proud to carry these local vendors in our dairy department:

Stensland Creamery
Burbachs Country Side Dairy
Kasemeister Creamery
Dimock Dairy 
Berry Brook Eggs
Shade Hill Eggs
Goosemobile Eggs
Mary's Kitchen and Garden Eggs