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Organic Food for Bulk Buy Shoppers

Natural Bulk Section Options

  • Baking Ingredients

  • Dry Goods (beans, candy, coffee, oats, and pasta)

  • Dry Fruits

  • Granola

  • Herbs

  • Spices

  • Tea

  • Trail Mix

  • Whole Grains

Benefits of buying from our bulk section

  • Reduce Waste- (Little use of packaging)

  • Fresh Ingredients

  • You are able to buy as much as you want or need, saving you money!


How to Shop in Bulk:

1.) Fill the bag (we provide these or bring your own from home-we just need the weight.) with the amount of product you want.

2.) Write down the number you see on the bin (the PLU#) on a twist tie or label to place on your bag or container.

3.) Check out as usual – the Cashier will weigh & price your bulk purchases.We welcome and encourage our customers to bring their own containers for bulk purchasing! Stop by one of our Check-Out Stands when you arrive, and a Pomegranate employee will be happy to weigh your container for you! This weight will be taken off when you check out – so you only pay for the amount you purchase.


Mya, Bulk Manager

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