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Organic Food for Bulk Buy Shoppers

To some, “bulk shopping” means getting 40 little bags of chips in a big box. But there’s a different kind – no packaging, no shrink wrap, and you don’t need to fill your backseat to get it all home. Contrary to what the name “bulk” implies, it doesn’t necessarily mean buying a lot. It’s the “buy as much or as little as you want” area of the grocery store, where you can select herbs, tea, spices, and all kinds of dry goods (candy, pasta, beans, flour, coffee!). Buying in bulk helps reduce waste (little packaging), keeps your ingredients fresh, and is less expensive!

At Pomegranate Market, we offer over 200 fresh, all-natural bulk selections for you to choose from! Dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, baking ingredients, whole grains, granola, and more! If you need just a "pinch" of a certain spice, check out our bulk herb and spice area, where we carry products by "Frontier Natural Products Co-Op". 


How to Shop in Bulk:

1.) Fill the bag (we provide these) with the amount of product you want.

2.) Write down the number you see on the bin (the PLU#) on a twist tie or label to place on your bag or container.

3.) Check out as usual – the Cashier will weigh & price your bulk purchases.We welcome and encourage our customers to bring their own containers for bulk purchasing! Stop by one of our Check-Out Stands when you arrive, and a Pomegranate employee will be happy to weigh your container for you! This weight will be taken off when you check out – so you only pay for the amount you purchase.