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Simple Meal Planning

Written by: Ellie Messler

Healthy Vegetables for Meal Planning

For those of us who are in charge of grocery shopping and cooking, sometimes the monotony of trying to come up with a weekly menu that will please everyone is enough to make a person feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

It can be fun to try new and exciting menu items from time to time, but that also requires a lot of work and preparation. One simple trick to make life just a bit easier and to make menu planning more manageable is to have specific weekly food traditions.

Everyone in the family will know what to expect, and will likely be comforted and come to love the regularity. Your grocery shopping routine will also become simpler, and in the process, you will likely save time and money.

Here are a few ideas of fun and easy weekly meal ideas.

Soup-er Sunday – Make a big pot of soup for everyone to enjoy, and it will also make great leftovers to have throughout the week.

Meatless Monday – Make a plant based meal every week to get in some extra veggies, save some money, and eat a balanced diet.

Taco Tuesday – This is a classic but it’s so good! Have a taco bar at home every week.

Mid-week Pasta Feed – Every Wednesday, serve up spaghetti with sauce, salad, and garlic bread. This is a very simple meal that is well liked.

Take-a-break Thursday – Have this day be a designated leftover day. Eat whatever is left in the fridge from the first half of the week! This is a great way to eliminate food waste and save some money.

Pizza Party Friday – Friday night is a great night to either order in pizza or make some homemade. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser and is a great way to kick off the weekend.

Seafood Saturday – Serve up some tasty seafood for you family! This is a perfect way to get those healthy omega 3 fats incorporated into your week.

Menu planning doesn’t have to be daunting, and a regular weekly schedule could provide you with some much needed relief. Save time, money, and eliminate food waste by enacting a weekly meal schedule today!