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Free Community Event: 


Healthy Holiday Food Fest


Happy, healthy holidays!


Whether you or your family members have food allergies, a special diet, or simply want to eat healthy over the holiday season, this event is for you!


Join us for samples, special savings, giveaways and more at this very special free community event.




Call our Customer Service Department at (605) 275-0200 with any questions about this event!

Community at Pomegranate Market

At Pomegranate Market, we value helping guide people at all different stages of their journey towards a healthy lifestyle. We invest countless resources throughout the Sioux Falls community. We're passionate about spreading the seeds of knowledge, and serious about making sure everyone with a thirst for learning more can have access to information on the latest health news and practices. That's our vision - to help add to the health of our community. One customer at a time.

For more information on classes and Pomegranate Market events follow us on facebook, stop by customer service, or call us 605.275.0200.