Pomegranate Market Sioux Falls - Fresh Healthy Foods
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Grab 'N Go

Grab 'N Go

Grab 'N Go selections!



Wraps:  Turkey Chipotle, Curried Chicken, Chicken Salad, BLT

Sandwiches:  Egg Salad, Turkey, 


Bahn mi

Cuban, house made 3 seed veggie burger, egg salad


Salads:  Curried Chicken, Chicken with Grapes and a variety of Deli Green salads including kale ceviche, are made and put out daily

Signature Items:  Pork fennel quiche, veggie quiche, turkey meatloaf, old fashioned meatloaf, crab cakes, veggie lasagna, stuffed mushrooms



In the time it takes to go through a drive thru, you can get unique natural & organic meals that are filling, delicious AND nutritious!