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Local Vendors

Our Vendors

We’re proud to promote and strengthen locally grown foods. With roots right here in South Dakota, we work to make sure the stewards of our land are rewarded with opportunity to bring their growth to market. We know by working together, not only is the health of our expanding community enhanced, but the overall quality and collection of the food we can offer at Pomegranate Market is some of the best available to those in and around the Sioux Falls region.

We hold every vendor to extremely high standards and look for people that value being able to produce and deliver only the most natural, healthy, nourishing products. If that’s you, let’s talk about how to grow healthy together.

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Alaskan Fresh
Alaskan Fresh 
Alissa's Flowers
Alissa's Flowers  Hull, Iowa
B.T. McElrath Chocolatiers
B.T. McElrath Chocolatiers  Minneapolis, MN
Backyard Salsa
Backyard Salsa  Sioux Falls, SD
Barsy’s Almonds
Barsy’s Almonds  St. Paul, MN
Beeler's Pork
Beeler's Pork 
Ben Cook Family Farms
Ben Cook Family Farms  Adrian, MN
BerryBrook Organics
BerryBrook Organics  Marion, SD
Bijou Hills Grassfed Meat
Bijou Hills Grassfed Meat  Chamberlin, SD
Breadico  Sioux Falls
Burbach’s Countryside Dairy
Burbach’s Countryside Dairy  Harrington, NE
Cherry Bean Coffee Company
Cherry Bean Coffee Company  Parker, SD
Cliff’s Grassfed Beef
Cliff’s Grassfed Beef  Gary, SD
Crystal Ball Farms Organic Dairy
Crystal Ball Farms Organic Dairy  Osceola,, WI
Cultures for Health
Cultures for Health  Sioux Falls, SD
Dakota Grass Fed Meats
Dakota Grass Fed Meats  Gann Valley, SD
Deer Creek Herbs & Teas
Deer Creek Herbs & Teas 
Dell City Honey
Dell City Honey  Dell Rapids, SD
Dimock Dairy
Dimock Dairy  Dimock, SD
Fahlstrom Farms Gluten Free
Fahlstrom Farms Gluten Free  Des Moines, IA
Ferndale Market
Ferndale Market  Canon Falls, MN
Fountain Prairie Produce
Fountain Prairie Produce 
Gilkerson Gardens
Gilkerson Gardens  Brookings, SD
Gladcorn  Mountain Lake, MN
Goosemobile  Canistota, SD
Gray Duck Chai
Gray Duck Chai  St Paul, MN
Great Plains Coffee
Great Plains Coffee  Sioux Falls, SD
Happy Hydros LLC.
Happy Hydros LLC.  Pukwana, SD
Hebda Produce
Hebda Produce  Mission Hill, SD
Hilllside Prairie Gardens
Hilllside Prairie Gardens  Brookings, SD
Honey World
Honey World  Vermllion, SD
Irish Twins Soap Company
Irish Twins Soap Company  Befesford, SD
JHA Farm
JHA Farm 
Kalona Super Natural
Kalona Super Natural  Kalona, IA
Lee Seed Company
Lee Seed Company  Inwood, IA
Linda’s Gardens
Linda’s Gardens  Lake County, SD
Marnie's Naturals
Marnie's Naturals  Sioux Falls, SD
Mom's Best
Mom's Best  Lakeville, MN
Morsels Desserts
Morsels Desserts  Yankton, SD
Moschell Farms Highland Beef
Moschell Farms Highland Beef  Fedora, SD
Native American Natural Foods
Native American Natural Foods  Kyle, SD
Oh So Natural Soaps
Oh So Natural Soaps  Parker, SD
Prairie Rock Honey Company
Prairie Rock Honey Company  Luverne, MN
Purity Seeds
Purity Seeds  Raymond, SD
She's Nuts Nut Butters
She's Nuts Nut Butters  Rapid City, SD
Stengel Flax Oil
Stengel Flax Oil  Milbank, SD
Sweetgrass Farm
Sweetgrass Farm  Sioux Falls, SD
Tanka Bar
Tanka Bar 

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