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Our Team

Steve Gratzfeld: Owner/Business Manager

Steve Gratzfeld: Owner/Business Manager


Steve, born, raised, and college educated in South Dakota has been health conscious since his teenage years. After having spent years as a self-employed design construct engineer and computer programmer, his persistent interest in healthy living compelled him to change professions and open Meadowsweet Natural Health Market in 1997.  In Steve’s words, “Meadowsweet was a natural foods store without the beads in the doorway and incense wafting through the air, where those on the threshold of eating natural foods could feel comfortable shopping”. Thirteen years later, Steve partnered with other like-minded individuals and opened Pomegranate Market, a much larger store that offers health conscious shoppers a store dedicated to natural foods and healthy living.

When not working at the store, Steve and his wife, also a foodie, can be found doing yoga, biking the trails around town, or hiking and skiing the mountains of Wyoming.



Matt McFarland: Store Manager

Matt McFarland: Store Manager


A native of Sioux Falls, Matt moved to Portland Oregon in 2002 to pursue a passion for the music, art and food culture. In 2004 he returned to South Dakota, relocating to Brookings, to start Loving Earth Organic Farms, a small, family owned farm that sold produce to restaurants, distributors and farmers markets. Matt has worked in Customer Service Management for over 10 years.


"At Pomegranate Market we are able to provide goods straight from the farm to our shelves. It's very rewarding to have the chance to meet some of the great people in our community who work hard to share their love for food and health."




Heather Harms: Human Resources Manager and Accounts Payable

Heather Harms:  Human Resources Manager and Accounts Payable


Heather joined our team as a cashier and has since worked her way up to HR and Accounts payable Manager.  Her friendly personality, bright smile and positive attitude have been a true asset to the store.  Since joining Pomegranate Market, Heather has transformed her life! Not only does she eat healthy and exercise, she has also quit smoking!  She enjoys working out, biking and spending time with her family.











Natalie McFarland: Grocery and Bulk Manager

Natalie McFarland: Grocery and Bulk Manager


Natalie has nearly 10 years of management experience, 5 being in the natural foods industry. She is committed to lifelong health and wellness for herself and helping others live a healthier life. 


"I have always preferred fresh, natural foods and the feeling of wellness that healthy eating creates.  I enjoy my position as a grocery buyer, in that I am always on the lookout for nutritious, tasty products for families to enjoy together!"  











Maria Sebastia- Floor/Night Manager

Maria Sebastian- Floor Night Manager 


Maria is our Floor/Night Manager and has been working at Pomegranate Market for 2.5 years.  She is passionate about educating customers on the different products that we have in the store and how they can improve their health.  She also loves being able to get to know customers and hear about their favorite products and stories!


In her free-time you can find Maria spending time with her 3 year old son, boyfriend and family.  Maria also loves to spend time at the lake, dance and go hiking.  









Kathleen Rykhus, Digital Media & Marketing Manager

Kathleen Rhykus: Digital Media & Marketing Manager


Kathleen "Kat" Rykhus has been working in the natural foods industry since 2000, for the Minneapolis Co-ops and at Meadowsweet Market. She is passionate about community building through online connections, content based marketing, and unique events. Kat is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and has enjoyed teaching for over 15 years. 


Kathleen is also our Floral & General Merchandise Buyer and Events coordinator, as well as helping out in Supplements, Customer Service, and wherever needed!




Craig Snyder: Owner/Founder

Craig and Kristin Snyder: Owners/Founders

Craig’s vision for Pomegranate Market came about in December 2008. Although not a foodie at the time, he had a long standing and growing belief that healthier living starts with better, more wholesome food and ingredients. His wife Kristin has supported him along his path to healthy living, and has contributed much to Pomegranate Market.

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