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Our Story

Pomegramate Market

Fresh, Wholesome, Food…for Thought.

Not sure why it happened, but somewhere along the way food became, well, it became filler. A thing to jam into an already over jammed schedule. That’s not part of our vision. At Pomegranate Market food is a celebration.

To us, everything about it adds up to a more vibrant body, mind and spirit. From working to enliven the local food growing economy to sourcing just the right health products, Pomegranate is seeking to be the most wholesome market in the region. And it’s a dream come true.

Here’s the Pomegranate vision as written in the original business plan by Craig, nearly two years before we opened.

Eat well. Live well. Respect people.

Eat Well – eating wholesome Foods promotes good health. Our Foods will come from the Best products on earth with the least amount of processing and chemical and biological alteration. This ensures good flavor, high nutritional value, and the preservation of Good Health.

Live Well – healthy diet, regular exercise, hard work, and caring for others are the basis to a Happy life. While we can’t guarantee our Customers happiness, we will offer Foods and products that will contribute to their well-being.

Respect People – Connection to family, friends and neighbors is a Significant source of personal happiness. Our store will seek to partner with local Food producers, and will Give generously to the Community through employment opportunities and community benevolence.



Pomegranate Market

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