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Eat That Chocolate!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, it seems approriate to discuss the health benefits of chocolate - you know, so you don't feel guilty after indulging in half a box of chocolates, chocolate cheese cake and the rest of that chocolate ice cream in the refrigerator.

Seriously, though, if you eat the right kind of chocolate, you'll reap more health benefits than you will suffer from negative effects.

Naturally processed cocoa can reduce the number of calories the body absorbs. The enzymes found within and created by natural cocoa prevents the body from absorbing certain starches and fats from foods.

Chocolate with high cacao content is good for the heart. A Harvard study from 2010 determined that women who ate one to two ounces of dark chocolate per day had 32% lower risk of heart failure compared to those who didn't. Harvard scientists believe an enzyme found in chocolate produces nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more smoothly...not only that but it may act as a natural blood-thinner which has a whole list of positive health benefits from lowering blood pressure to reducing cholesterol levels.

Smile - you're eating chocolate! One British study linked chocolate to smiling - concluding that 60% of women consider chocolate to be smile-inducing. Smiling is great - it lower stress levels and makes you feel good!

It helps your eyes! Some studies indicate that eating dark chocolate may help distinguish similar colored images from one another, which is necessary for seeing in the dark. It is believed that the high levels antioxidants found in dark chocolate improve vision.

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