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Tips to help keep the weight off!!

Tips to help keep the weight off!!

Regaining lost weight isn’t inevitable: Some people are able to lose a substantial amount of weight and keep it off at least a decade a new analysis shows.

Researchers are tracking successful dieters in the National Weight Control Registry, a group of 10,000 people who have lost 30 lbs. or more and maintained that loss for a year or more. Participants fill out lifestyle questionnaires every year.

For the latest analysis, researchers reviewed the questionnaires of 3,000 members, who have been in the registry for the last 10 years. About ¾ are women; most are college-educated. Among the findings presented recently at a meeting of the Obesity Society:

• Participants weighed an average of 224 before their weight loss. The dropped an average of 69 pounds.
• They had maintained an average of 52-pound loss at 10 years.

Here are some tips from the Registry members. These are items that they usually do:

• Track their food intake.
• Count calorie or fat grams or use a commercial weight-loss program to track food intake.
• Follow a low-calorie, low-fat diet.
• They take in about 1,800 calories a day and les than 30% of calories from fat.
• Eat breakfast regularly.
• Limit the amount they eat out. Average of three times a week eating out and eat fast food less than once a week.
• Eat similar foods regularly and don’t splurge much on holidays or special occasions.
• Walk about an hour a day or burn the same calories with other activities.
• Watch fewer than 10 hours of tv a week.
• Weigh themselves at least once a week.

What great information. Thank you to Nacni Hellmich from USA Today for sharing.

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