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The Best Foods for Healthy Hair

The Best Foods for Healthy Hair

A few days ago Pomegranate Market blogged about foods to give you healthy skin - now we’re reporting on healthy hair. Who doesn’t want a nice happy, healthy head of hair? If eating well will get you desirable hair, then why not?

Studies show that iron is essential to a good head of hair, and those with low iron, especially women, can suffer from thinning hair. Iron is easy to fit into a healthy diet - lean meats, whole grains, legumes and dark leafy green veggies pack some serious iron and taste delicious! Try this recipe for Ginger Beef Stir Fry from Avera Heart for a flavorful meal with a decent amount of iron!

Healthy hair requires a healthy scalp, and the biotin in vitamin B can be found in some delicious foods! Eggs, avocados, salmon, almonds, and peanuts all contain biotin. Biotin is also responsible for making your hair strong, and those who avoid foods containing healthy fats - like that found in salmon, avocados and eggs - can develop brittle hair which can cause breakage and lead to a less than healthy locks. The omega-3’s found in some of these foods is also essential to healthy hair and scalp. This recipe for Avocado Deviled Eggs combines avocados and eggs for a biotin-packed, healthy-hair-hors d’oeuvre.

Do you want thicker hair? You might need more silica in your diet. Silica is a mineral which promotes collagen-health and can be found in every organ of the body! Silica is beneficial for healthy hair, skin and nails, can promote healthier digestion and boost metabolism. We’re all born with a huge amount of silica in our bodies, and as we age it is replaced with calcium...which isn’t to say we do not still need silica to be healthy. Silica is found in foods like bananas, oats and raisins and is an essential mineral for strong, thick hair. Eat some warm oatmeal with fresh bananas and raisins stirred in for a silica-rich breakfast.

For shinier hair, eat sweet potatoes! The vitamin A found in sweet potatoes can prevent dandruff which means your hair will appear more vibrant...not only that, but sweet potatoes can give you a glowing complexion too! Other shiny-hair foods include asparagus, carrots, butternut squash and pumpkin. Substitute your favorite squash in this Baked Acorn Squash recipe and eat your way to luminescent hair!

A happy, healthy diet will help you on the road to healthy hair, and with such a variety of hair-healthy foods available, not much planning is needed to eat toward lovely locks!

Find all of these healthy-hair foods at Pomegranate Market, and visit the recipe section on our blog for more delicious and healthy recipes for healthy hair, body and mind!