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Non-Medicated Ways to Deal with Seasonal Allergies

Non-Medicated Ways to Deal with Seasonal Allergies

The winter was warm and spring sprung early this year – leaving many of us allergy sufferers suffering early. We’re experiencing itchy, watery eyes, congested sinuses and misery up to a month earlier than usual and allergy symptoms only seem to worsen as the temperature increases and lovely flowers, luscious grass, and shade trees bloom early.

Rather than reaching for Claritin, go for natural methods in easing the discomfort associated with seasonal allergies.

Relax. When we work until we’re totally burned out, our bodies aren’t able to produce the chemicals which could help fight allergens. Take time each day to unwind – go for a stroll, read a good book or just take some time to meditate. Allow your body to relax so it can combat the pollen floating around everywhere.

Leave the pollen outside. If you go for that stroll to unwind, leave your shoes outside so you do not track the allergens inside. Keeping pollen out of your home will give you an escape from what you’re trying to avoid.

Close the windows. That doesn’t sound like a good way to kick off spring, but it is especially important when March winds are sweeping through and blowing pollen inside. If it is calm out, or drizzling a bit, crack those windows to get some fresh air, but be wary of the allergy-causing nuisance that keeping that opening the windows allows in.

Shower before bedtime to wash off the sneeze-inducing pollen that could be trapped in your hair. Some doctors even suggests washing out your nostrils to get any allergens out. The last thing you want is to go to sleep on a pillow ridden with pollen. On that same note, wash your sheets regularly in case you do happen to track pollen into bed.

Avoid spending time outdoors during “high pollen” times…like early in the morning. If you normally go for a jog in the morning, consider changing that to early afternoon or the evening to avoid coming inside with itchy eyes after your exercise routine.

Eat well. Enjoy the fruits and veggies that start making a comeback in the spring time. Keeping yourself well will help you keep allergy symptoms at bay.

Take supplements to help your body combat allergy symptoms. Grape seed extract has been shown to reduce allergic responses. Probiotics and vitamin D have also shown to have positive effects on fighting off allergy symptoms.

If you’re like me and you really try to avoid taking unneeded medication, then some of these practices might be worth trying out to save you from the coughing, sneezing, sniffling, itching misery of spring and let you enjoy all that is beautiful about this season!