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Say No to Sugary Sports and Energy Drinks…

Drink Water

It seems common place, now, to see a person with an 8 ounce can of RedBull in hand rather than a Diet Coke. Sports drinks and energy drinks have become more popular than ever - gas stations fill coolers with varying types of energy and sports drinks - from Monster to chilled Java, Gatorade to Vitamin Water. These beverages may advertise energy and hydration and they may be hip to be seen drinking, but they're wreaking havoc on your teeth!

The acidity and sugar content in most sports and energy drinks (sodas too!) work together to strip the enamel from teeth and then sugar-coat them which leads to tooth decay. A study in the Journal of General Dentistry conducted by Southern Illinois University School of Dentistry evaluated 15 different sports and energy drinks and determined that while all have varying levels of acidity and sugar, the proportions of the two was lethal to teeth. Even after just five days of exposure and improper measures post-drink, the teeth began to show signs of wearing enamel!

The Journal of General Dentistry suggests that if you do consume a sugary/acidic drink to rinse with water or chew sugar-free gum after. They suggest not brushing teeth for up to four hours after consuming the beverage because doing so could spread the sugar and acidic material throughout the mouth, increasing chances of decay. Not to mention, the added colors, dyes and chemicals in these drinks are really hard on the body!

There is another method to avoiding the negative effects of these sugary drinks...simply put, don’t drink them. Opt for low sugar, more naturally-made beverages. Need a caffeine fix? Try coffee or tea. Craving something refreshing to recharge you after a workout? Give coconut water a try! Still not satisfied? Drink a big glass of water with some lemon or cucumber and reap the benefits of proper hydration!

Check out the excellent selection of hydrating beverages available at Pomegranate Market and feed your thirst for good health this summer!