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Kiwi Superfruits

Kiwi Superfruits

Superfruits are defined as being a fruit which is exceptionally high in nutrients, and its no secret that some superfruits, like raw acai, durian, and raw mangosteen, aren’t exactly easily accessible in the United States. Yes, these fruits are available in other forms - be it juice or supplement - but to get the real thing takes some effort.

Fortunate for us South Dakotans, there is the kiwi. We have access to this fruit and Dr. Oz has recently discussed the many health benefits of these little fuzzy fruits on his show.

Most fruits boast being high in a couple of nutrients, but kiwis offer an array of nutrients which work together to make kiwis worth your time to eat. Kiwis are ridiculously high in vitamin C - one fruit giving more than 100% of the recommended daily intake. Not only that, but kiwis are full of folate, potassium, fiber, carotenoids, polyphenols, chlorophyll, and more - which offer a list of health benefits from lowering symptoms of depression, maintaining healthy blood pressure, preventing muscle cramps...the list goes on and on.

Something else that is pretty cool about kiwis is that they contain vitamin E. Most sources of vitamin E are foods which are high in fat (good fat!) and calories - like nuts. At only 93 calories per two kiwis, you can be rest assured that you’re going to benefit from vitamin E, which is excellent for cardiovascular health.

Keep in mind the excellent antioxidants found in kiwis and know that enjoying a kiwi or two can only be good for you and will help boost your immune system while it helps your blood pressure, cholesterol, and so much more!

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