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How to Buy Organic on a Budget

How to Buy Organic on a Budget

In today’s economy, some of us are living on a pretty tight budget, but shopping organic isn’t out of the question when a little planning and know-how is considered before a grocery shopping trip.

The first, and easiest way to save on organic ingredients is to buy them in bulk. When you are not paying for packaging and are only purchasing as much food as you need, you can significantly cut the grocery bill down. Rice, grains, noodles, baking ingredients, herbs, spices, granola, oils, snacks, teas, coffee and even health and beauty products are all available in bulk at Pomegranate Market! You can buy as much or as little as you need. Some herbs and spices can break the bank - not only because you’re buying enough to last 5 years, but also because you’re paying for a fancy glass bottle complete with screw-on lid and shaker top. Repurpose emptied spice containers and buy just as much spice as you need for now. You’ll save on packaging and have a chance to try an array of flavors you perhaps could not afford otherwise!

Go for fresh ingredients. You don’t need processed foods in order to be healthy and they cost you in the long run. Crackers, chips, canned soups - all are delicious and convenient, but the organic option is sometimes more than some budgets can handle. By purchasing fresh fruits and veggies you’re getting vital nutrients in your diet which fill you up for longer so you won’t need to reach for a box of crackers to munch on all day. You can also substitute those processed snacks with raw nuts which are super nutritious and also available in bulk.

Do some research and decide for yourself which ingredients are most important to buy organically. The Dirty Dozen list can help out here - these 12 produce items are the most pesticide-ridden options in that department and buying them organically is important. Oranges and bananas, for example, aren’t as packed with chemicals and can be purchased organically if you’re trying to save.

Grow your own produce! A small garden can yield quite a lot of produce - tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn - the list goes on and it’s the perfect time of year to get a garden going. Pomegranate Market offers organic seeds and starter plants at an affordable price. By the time you are ready to harvest you’ll have spent wonderful time outdoors tending your garden and have a bounty of great, organic ingredients to incorporate into your diet. You can can tomatoes for sauces and make pickles with extra cucumbers to get you through the winter too!

Another way to prepare for winter, when produce prices are higher in South Dakota, is to buy seasonal produce (like berries) and freeze them. Once the weather cools down you’ll have plenty of organic goodness saved which will save you money through the winter when you need a good spring-produce-fix.

Pomegranate Market offers a 20% case club discount when you buy a case of your favorite foods. Call us and place your order - wait a week or two, pick up your purchase and save. The offer does not apply to sales items, but you’ll end up saving regardless.

A final way to save through Pomegranate Market is by following us on Facebook, signing up for our monthly newsletter and picking up a monthly sales flyer - we have giveaways, coupons and special offers to help you feed your happy!