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Hydrate Your Happy

Hydrate Your Happy

Water. We all know we need to drink it, but do we know why it is so crucial to good health?
- Water helps regulate body temperature. When you’re outside exerting energy in the summertime your body temperature increases. Drinking water can help bring this down to a healthy temperature as it hydrates you.
- Water helps boosts metabolism and the immune system.
- Water helps the body’s organs absorb nutrients for effectively.
- Water flushes out less-than-desirable chemicals from the body.
- Water consumption can reduce weight gain.
- Water can help headaches and back pain.
- Waters keeps the skin supple and vibrant.
...the list goes on!

The human body is 55% to 78% water, depending upon the size of the person. Muscle consists of 75% water, the brain is 90% water, bone consists of 22% water and blood is 83% water. It’s important to stay hydrated and not terribly difficult with a little bit of planning and a change in routine.

Everyone needs different amounts of water each day depending upon activity level, health, outside temperature and more. Use this Water Calculator to determine approximately how much water you should be drinking each day. Also, search your smart phone or iPhone app store to find applications to help you track how much water you consume. For Android - try the free app called, "Drinking Water".

Start the day off with water. Keep a glass of water near the bed and sip on it throughout the night and then, first thing in the morning, hydrate with water. This practice helps jump-start the metabolism for the day, which gives you a little boost of energy when you may rather stay in bed.

Sip water all day. Keep a glass or reusable bottle of water at your desk, in you bag, or in the car so you have water at all times. Feeling hunger pangs at 3:30? Drink some water and they will probably go away. You’ll drink a great deal more water if you make it readily available to yourself. Pomegranate Market has an excellent selection of reusable water bottles from Sigg, CamelBack and New Wave and they’re all made using non-toxic materials!

Drink an 8 ounce glass of water before mealtime. This not only can help you eat less food, but also helps your body prepare to digest the food more efficiently, which allows the body to absorb significantly more nutrients from food.

Getting bored with the lack of flavor in water? Do not reach for soda or high-sugar juice - these beverages and their high-sugar content can actually dehydrate you. Instead, try seltzer water, mineral water or water with lemon or lime wedges.

With some planning an the desire to feel well, drinking water is worth it. Eventually water-consumption will become habit and you’ll find yourself suitably hydrated at all times and feeling great because of it.

Find non-toxic, reusable water bottles in general merchandise at Pomegranate Market - available in variety of styles and colors!