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Make your own toxic free cleaners!

How to Make Your Own Toxin Free Cleaning Products

Making your own cleaning products at home is easy, healthy, and will save you money. From kitchen and bathroom cleaners, to your own laundry detergent, the ingredients you need to get started will delightfully surprise you.

White Vinegar: A natural deodorizer (absorbs odors, doesn’t cover them up), it dissolves dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits. Being only mildly acidic, white vinegar is safe to use on hardwood floors. It won’t stain grout on tiled surfaces. Don’t let the aroma of vinegar turn you off, as it dries the aroma will not linger and is a great fabric softener substitute. White vinegar will kill mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Undiluted white vinegar is great for your toughest cleaning problems. Use it to clean mineral deposits in your shower head and hard water rings in your toilet bowl. Soak your shower head over night in undiluted white vinegar and simply rinse off!

Baking Soda:
A natural deodorizer with mild abrasive actions makes it a perfect substitute for harsh scouring powders. It is cuts grease and can be used as a whitener and a disinfectant. Baking soda on a damp sponge is great for cleaning your shower or bath, and sinks. For tougher jobs make a thick paste using baking soda and water, apply to surface and scrub off 10-20 minutes later.

Rubbing Alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol is a great base for window and glass cleaning solutions. It is also effective on mirrors, chrome fixtures and ceramic tiles.

Ammonia: With a strong alkaline property, ammonia creates a stronger window and all purpose cleaner than vinegar. Find a non-sudsing variety because otherwise the ammonia will be tough to rinse and remove.

Kosher Salt: Use course kosher salt as a tough abrasive.

Borax: Often referred to as the miracle mineral, it is a naturally occurring compound that can be used for disinfectant cleaning and pest control. Always handle Borax carefully, because undiluted Borax can be an irritant. It is safe in diluted solutions. It is also a natural deodorize and a mild abrasive. It can be used to boost your laundry detergents power to remove stains, and is