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Pick the Perfect Cantaloupe

Pick the Perfect Cantaloupe

The cantaloupes are outstanding this season! So juicy and sweet! Here's how to pick the perfect cantaloupe to feed your happy!

1. Check the color. The more beige on the outside the better. Try to avoid buying green cantaloupes as they aren't quite ripe and won't be as delicious inside.

2. Feel for softness on the bottom of the melon. There should be a little give, but you don't want a mushy melon.

3. Smell it! You'll know it's ripe if it has a light, sweet fragrance. Don't buy the melon if there's a slightly sour aroma or an overpowering sweet scent, as this could indicate over-ripeness which means you'll be getting a mushy melon.

4. If there is still a stem attached to the cantaloupe, do not buy it - the stem will detach very easily when the cantaloupe is ready to be harvested and should not be in tact if you want a perfectly ripe melon.

5. A good cantaloupe should feel heavy for its size - this indicates moisture contents and you want that juicy goodness!

Try adding chopped cantaloupe to your salads for a sweet, juicy, new twist!