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Hilllside Prairie Gardens

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Hilllside Prairie Gardens


Hillside Prairie Gardens is certified organic through the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA).

In the early 1970s, Steve and Mary Kay Helling, in search of an alternative, more sustainable lifestyle, purchased a seven-acre plot eight miles outside of the sleepy college town of Brookings, SD.  During that time the ambitious couple worked the land and built a house there, later adding a barn, workshop, and greenhouse, all while raising four children.  Each year the kids helped to plant and tend a large, diverse garden, learning at first hand just how food comes to the table – an invaluable lesson too often lost on today’s younger generation.

Now nearly 40 years later, our gardens rest on this same hillside and on the same genuine principles of dealing locally, acting sustainably, and taking care of ourselves and the land.  Our produce comes to you at its freshest, organically certified and free of chemicals, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers of any kind.