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Why I Choose Organic

I’m a dietetics student at Brigham Young University all about eating organic. It has always seemed like the healthier route to me. So, as recent studies have surfaced claiming that organic food is no more nutritious than it’s non-organic counter parts, I decided to do some research for myself. And through the whole Internet surfing, article reading process, I have come to the conclusion that I will continue to choose organic, local foods regardless of what mainstream media tells me. Let me tell you why.

First of all, I was surprised to learn that there has been no study done on organic vs. non-organic foods that has exceeded two years. This makes me question the validity of these studies. It can often take long periods of time, many years even, for nutritional deficiencies and diseases to surface and show symptoms. This makes me question how these studies can claim that there are no health benefits to eating organic, when the studies have had such short time periods. I will be hesitant to accept the findings of any study unless it consists of a much longer period of time.

Secondly, many of these studies have much too limited of a scope to truly make the conclusions they are making. For example, many studies do not take into account which pesticides are used (since some are more toxic than others), how many different pesticides are used, and how much total pesticide comes into contact with the food items studied. These are all things that should be taken into account in a valid study, but are not.

Another thing that really shocked me was to find out that although studies claim organic food is no more nutritious, they will admit that eating organic does lower exposure to pesticides and resistance to antibiotics. Although we do not yet know all the negative long term effects that pesticides could have on our bodies, it seems common sense to me that pesticides are something that are definitely not good for our bodies. If these pesticides are harming wild plant and animal species (which they are), then why wouldn’t they have some sort of negative affect on the human body as well?

Everyone has to make the choice for him or herself. No one but you can decide what goes into that body of yours. But, before jumping to conclusions and believing everything you hear about the organic food industry, do the research yourself. Really ponder what you want to put into your body. Every bite we take affects us in ways we don’t always know. I know I have made my choice. I will be eating organic, supporting local farmers and business people, and never so much as touching a pesticide tainted fruit or vegetable to my lips.

Ellie Snyder