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Bijou Hills Grassfed Meat

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Bijou Hills Grassfed Meat

Larry Wagner and Julie Williams of Bijou Hills Grassfed meat raise old English and Irish breeds of cattle outside of Chamberlin, SD. Here's what they have to say about their operation:  

"We do not farm, but strictly raise cattle and the grass and forage they eat. Our cattle are never fed any grain.  The grass season that raises the lush highest nutrition grasses, that cattle grow and fatten the most rapidly on, is from mid April to August. 

We spend a lot of hours moving cattle between small paddocks or pastures to make sure they have fresh growing grass for them to eat at all times. We feel cattle are healthier and happier out being real cows on grass or pasture. Our cows graze stockpiled grass or portioned out windrowed feed in the winter time as possible for the supply that the summer's rains have allowed to grow."