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Fahlstrom Farms Gluten Free

From Pomegranate Vendor
Fahlstrom Farms Gluten Free

Fahlstrom Farms Gluten Free is a family business - with the help of our son and daughter it has become a reality.  Our son built our processing facility where the mixes are put together, by hand, one at a time.  Our daughter helped him when she had some spare time - - I'm sure she doesn't want to do any more painting for many years.  She has pushed me over the years to keep me on track to meet this goal.

Both of our adult kids and two grandchildren are helping to put together the mixes and get them sent to our customers.  We do the measuring of all the different kinds of flours and other special ingredients so you don't have to.

My husband is our chief salesman, marketing our products to health food and gluten-free stores across the country.  We appreciate receiving your comments and questions and look forward to serving you with even more products in the future.

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