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Sweet Summertime with Emily!

From Pomegranate Blog

Probably like most of the population, my year goes like this:

January—F e b r u a r y—March—April—May—JUNEJULYAUGUST—September—October—November—December. My summer months speed by in the blink of an eye! It seems like just last week I was wrapping up my track season and dreaming about summer days. Now they are here, and July is already upon us! July finds me busy training for cross country season, lifeguarding at the pool, church camp, reading my AP Lit books (probably should have started those sooner), and then doing the typical teenage summer stuff like being with friends and doing silly things.

Summer makes it much more difficult for me to stay on a routine (again, probably like most of the population.) My sleeping habits are weird, (later to bed, mid-day naps). My eating habits are different, as I’m gone from home a lot more, so much of what I eat is on-the-go. Sometimes that requires a certain level of creativity. And, unlike during the school year, when I’m doing almost the exact same thing daily, my schedule varies so much during the summer. Some days I only work a 2-hour shift, some days it’s an 8-hour shift, and some days I don’t work at all. So, I’ve had to learn to embrace this thing called flexibility!

 Being flexible is tough! Sometimes during the summer, it’s harder to eat healthy. However, thanks to my dad’s pretty awesome garden (and POM of course!), it’s easy to want to eat healthy. J Every morning, I walk out of my room, and there is a bowl of freshly picked raspberries from our raspberry bushes.  A few of the other things we grow are green beans, tomatoes, radishes, squash, cucumbers, parsley, and basil. At least once a day I have a delicious salad from our garden vegetables. J

It’s taken me at least a month to get down some sort of partial-routine. J I almost ALWAYS have a snack of some sort with me. Usually it’s just a protein bar or protein drink (easy to make into a drink with water.)   Another key to staying healthy during the summer is that I NEVER skip meals. Never. Every day I have some kind of nutritional breakfast with a solid carb-to-protein ratio. I have a protein drink mid-morning, and a salad or sandwich for lunch. In the afternoon I have another high-protein snack, and for dinner, I usually have something different most days. But, it’s always a good carb-to-protein balance. Healthy eating makes me a happy summer camper. J