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The "Emily" Day

From Pomegranate Blog

Hello! I’ll start this out by introducing myself. My name is Emily Hawkes, and I’m just finishing up my sophomore year at Madison High School. I’m an avid runner, who’s been running since 3rd grade and competing in cross country and track since 7th grade. Between sports, work, and all of my other activities, I sometimes feel like I’m always on the go.  Because of the busy schedule I maintain, I’ve had to find creative and effective ways to fuel my body and stay healthy. I also have many food allergies—corn (which includes any corn derivatives, and there are tons!), gluten, and nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers.) If I eat enough of any one of these foods, especially corn, I become pretty nauseated and my body is unable to digest the nutrients. Thanks to my food allergies, I usually have to get extra creative about what I eat, especially when I’m on the go.

I’m one of those people whose summer almost seems busier than the school year! Here’s an example of a typical summer day for me and how I would “fuel” my body for the day:

*     Morning--

o   Lap swimming

§  I sometimes like to do some cross-training during the summer to help my running and to keep me injury-free. Generally, if I’m doing a morning workout and the workout isn’t too demanding, I don’t usually eat before-hand.

o   Breakfast

§  I eat the same thing for breakfast just about every single day. Some people think it’s crazy that I can eat many of the same things daily without getting tired of eating those things. I, however, like the routine of it. My mom is totally on the health-food train. She makes homemade pancakes with batter made of ground lentils, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, and steel cut oats, eggs, etc.

*     Midday—

o   Lunch

§  I’m a lifeguard at the pool here in Madison. On days when I’m lifeguarding, I have to be to work by 12:30pm so I eat lunch before going to work. A typical lunch would be a big salad with some kind of protein (meat, cottage cheese, tuna.) I also may have a plate of spaghetti. Lunches tend to vary.

o    Snack

§  3:00pm break at the pool means snack time for me! I’ll generally be having some kind of protein, whether it’s a protein drink, cottage cheese, cheese, or a protein bar.

*     Evening—

o   Dinner

§  I have about a 25-minute break at work to eat, and dinner is the same thing just about every day for me. You’ll never guess…but it’s a classic PB&J Sandwich, minus the jam. ;) Gluten-free bread with normal peanut butter.

o   Sometimes I have swim training and an evening run on the same day. Regardless, I always make sure to have some kind of snack after work or after my evening run. I’m usually really thirsty from the workout(s) and from lifeguarding all day, so I have a huge bowl of watermelon and I’ll throw in some kind of protein!