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Customer weighs in: Healthy living and food allergies

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Customer weighs in: Healthy living and food allergies

           I was so happy when Pomegranate Market opened in Sioux Falls.  It was just what our family needed--a store that catered to my children's food allergies.  No longer do my children feel deprived, because there are so many healthy options available at POM!  It sure has saved me time and expense of shopping on the web.  I have become acquainted with the employees at POM.  They are friendly and are always willing to provide information.  Of course, my six-year-old most loves the free samples!  :)

          I have always been fascinated with the miracles and wonders of the human body.  I love to dance.  As a young girl I was blessed with the opportunity to receive dance training which took me through my college years.  Thus, my body became my instrument for expression, hard work, service, fun, etc.  My fascination with how the body works and my dancing led me to interests in the health field.  I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Health Education and a minor in Dance Education.  I didn't realize then just how much I would use my education not only to help teach others but specifically to influence and teach my own family.  I love anything related to helping one feel better emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially!  I like to learn, and the health field is an on-going feeding tube of information.  It is important to me to sift through this information and present to my family what best meets our needs.  

          Speaking of family, I have been blessed with a fantastic husband and five beautiful children.  My kids are physically active, and Mark and I attempt to keep up with them.  We find our greatest joys in family time.  My kids have been blessed (causes us to be healthier) with many food intolerances and environmental allergies.  This is another reason why health is one of my most researched topic. 



Written by Joy Hawkes, mother and Pomegranate Market shopper